Start accepting Monero payments at yourname@xmr.id

You would've never remembered a 95-character XMR address anyway.

Tell me the desired configuration for your XMR ID and I will get back to you with the payment details. Upon payment receipt I will activate your account and send you final details on how to keep your XMR ID secure.

XMR.ID works on a Pay-What-You-Want model with a minimum price of XMR 0.01 per year. Why?

To set up your XMR ID I need three things

Send me the following information via email to get@xmr.id.

  1. The username you would like to register as your XMR ID (numbers or letters; minimum 7 characters). Example:

  2. Your Monero account number (address or sub-address). Example:

  3. An email address you frequently check where you want to receive instructions, monitoring alerts and billing updates. Example:

The three steps to your XMR ID

Step 1: Submit the required information

I will verify availability of your desired username and get back to you with further details.


Step 2: Pay What You Want

I will provide the a payment address to which you transfer the amount of Monero you desire to give.


Step 3: Wait for confirmation

Once I receive your payment, I configure your XMR ID and hand you the account details for DNS monitoring, which ensures the integrity of your XMR ID over the course of your subscription.


Everyone should be able to transact funds by addressing a simple username - Free from bureaucracy, censorship and high fees.

fullmetalScience, XMR.ID