A fixed price

I provide the XMR ID service for a one time fee.

  • One XMR ID of seven or more characters long
    (0.1 XMR, one time)

  • [core functionality]
    A main yourname@xmr.id pointed to your chosen Monero address
  • [complimentary functionality]
    An additional yourname@xmrid.com pointed to the same address as the above
  • [primary security]
    Fully controlled by you professional DNS monitoring at an independent third party provider for both addresses
    (I take care of the initial configuration. Once you claimed it, it's yours and I won't be able to access it any more.)
  • [secondary security]
    Me monitoring your DNS records via a paid-for and highly specialized third-party service, independant of the one mentioned above.
    Thus a total of two separate monitoring services (yours and ours) simultanously verify integrity.
  • One XMR ID of six characters or shorter
    (from 1 to 21 XMR, one time)

  • [functionality]
    Everything the seven-character variant includes with the final cost depending on amount of characters:
  • six for 1 XMR (eg "monero")
  • five for 2 XMR (eg "money")
  • four for 3 XMR (eg "moon")
  • three for 5 XMR (eg "mea")
  • two for 8 XMR (eg "my")
  • one for 13 XMR (eg "m")
  • emoji for 21 XMR (eg "🧡")

Pricing FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?
Monero. Exclusively.
How do I pay?
Once you sent me the details you want to register, I respond with the payment details.
Can I make changes to my XMR ID?
Yes. Changes are done in a safe and authenticated manner. Since the process is manual it comes at a fee.
Other questions?
Contact me for any further questions at get@xmr.id.