A fixed price

I provide the XMR ID service for a one time fee.

  • One XMR ID of seven or more characters long
    (0.1 XMR, one time)

  • [core functionality]
    A main yourname@xmr.id pointed to your chosen Monero address
  • [complimentary functionality]
    An additional yourname@xmrid.com pointed to the same address as the above
  • [primary security]
    Fully controlled by you professional DNS monitoring at an independent third party provider for both addresses
    (I take care of the initial configuration. Once you claimed it, it's yours and I won't be able to access it any more.)
  • [secondary security]
    Me monitoring your DNS records via a paid-for and highly specialized third-party service, independant of the one mentioned above.
    Thus a total of two separate monitoring services (yours and ours) simultanously verify integrity.
  • One XMR ID of six characters or shorter
    (from 1 to 21 XMR, one time)

  • [functionality]
    Everything the seven-character variant includes with the final cost depending on amount of characters:
  • six for 1 XMR (eg "monero")
  • five for 2 XMR (eg "money")
  • four for 3 XMR (eg "moon")
  • three for 5 XMR (eg "mea")
  • two for 8 XMR (eg "my")
  • one for 13 XMR (eg "m")
  • emoji for 21 XMR (eg "🧡")

Pricing FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?
Monero. Exclusively.
How do I pay?
Once you sent me the details you want to register, I respond with the payment details.
Can I make changes to my XMR ID?
Yes, but they require some extra steps which might reflect in an added fee in the future. For the time being they're free of charge.
Will this work on <xyz wallet>?
Registrations as such are independent of any particular software. To check if a specific one correctly resolves XMR ID's, enter `saberhagen.xmr.id` as payment destination. Compatible software should turn the ID into a valid Monero destination (before actually transferring any funds).
Other questions?
Contact me for any further questions at get@xmr.id.