Your price is my price: Pay What You Want

I provide the XMR ID service at the price you are willing to pay. The minimum of XMR 0.01 is levied to mitigate abuse.

  • Pay What You Want (XMR 0.01 yearly minimum)

  • [core functionality]
    A main yourname@xmr.id pointed to your chosen Monero address
  • [complimentary functionality]
    An additional yourname@xmrid.com pointed to the same address as the above
  • [primary security]
    Fully controlled by you professional DNS monitoring at an independent third party provider for both addresses
    (I take care of the initial configuration. Once you claimed it, it's yours and I won't be able to access it any more.)
  • [secondary security]
    Me monitoring your DNS records via a paid-for and highly specialized third-party service, independant of the one mentioned above.
    Thus a total of two separate monitoring services (yours and ours) simultanously verify integrity.

Pricing FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?
Monero. Exclusively.
Why do you charge a minimum fee?
The minimum fee is meant to prevent major forms of abuse.
How much should I pay?
That's totally up to you. Setting up your XMR ID costs me roughly .08 moneroj. If you pay lower, I'll sponsor the difference.
Why do you provide this service so cheaply?
I want as many people as possible to be able to use XMR.ID so that transacting gets easier for everybody.
Can I trust you?
I know you can, but maybe you do not - just yet. Feel free to register an XMR ID at the minimum price. I will pay up the difference to cover the actual cost. You can also register test- or stagenet addresses and get accustomed virtually risk‑free.
How do you make money off this service?
Long-term the service depends on the generosity of its users. You can opt to pay more than my costs are or obtain shorter XMR ID's, which have a higher minimum price.
How do I pay?
Once you sent me the details you want to register, I send you the payment details.
What happens after a year?
A couple of weeks before your XMR ID expires, I'll remind you to extend it. If you decide not to renew, you can just ignore my message and your XMR ID will be made invalid. If you do decide to renew (yay!), your XMR ID will continue to function as usual.
Contact me for any further questions at get@xmr.id.